EIZO presents its solutions for image reproduction for security and surveillance applications at the Security Essen trade fair from 27 to 30 September 2016. One of the trade fair highlights will be the 46- and 23-inch IP decoding monitors from EIZO for displaying images from IP cameras and IP video streams without needing a computer.

The 46-inch DuraVision FDF4627W-IP will be unveiled to the public in September. The hardware decoding integrated into the monitor ensures that the images are displayed on the screen without delays and true to the original source data. No additional decoder or computer is required, which greatly simplifies installation. Up to 16 IP video streams can be simultaneously displayed on the 46-inch monitor. Layout and camera options can be adjusted using the included remote control or via the web UI. The monitor features a Web API that supports integration with the local VMS.

There will also be 23-inch EIZO monitors for security applications at the trade fair in Essen. Just like the 46-inch monitor, they have been specially developed for video surveillance and are equipped with special image enhancement technologies. They run in real time and are used to immediately improve the quality of dark, unclear, and blurry images:

1. Low-light correction recognizes dark and difficult-to-see areas on the screen and correspondingly adjusts the brightness of the individual pixels. This results in perfect images, since the dark areas are brightened and bright areas are protected against washouts.

2. Outline Enhancer analyzes the displayed contents and prevents noise from increasing. At the same time, it corrects blurry areas, which further enhances the image.

3. The quality of videos that contain blurred and unclear images caused by fog, snow, or other weather conditions can be improved using the defogging feature.

EIZO will showcase the FDS1903 featuring an analogue D-Sub port for connection to computers. There is a composite (BNC) port for connecting to analogue equipment. Support for PAL, SECAM, and NTSC signal formats is provided.

EIZO will present the EV3237 monitor for displaying 4K Ultra HD contents at the trade fair. The sharpness and clarity of the monitor are impressive, thanks to the high resolution and excellent image quality typical for EIZO products. Both DisplayPorts support a 3840 × 2160 resolution with 60 Hz each.

Attendees to the 2016 Security Essen can stop by the booth (E59) hosted by EIZO in Hall 2.0 and make up their own mind on the image reproduction solutions.