RadiForce RX250, dual-screen solution

However, teleradiological diagnosis workplaces are subject to the same high legal requirements as hospitals are. Especially critical in this respect is the DIN 6868-157 standard for image quality control in diagnostic X-ray departments, which defines the required conditions for the environment in the diagnostic spaces as well as factors such as the ambient light and the modality type.

Professional EIZO RadiForce monitors offer the perfect conditions for high-precision teleradiological diagnosis. They not only impress with their outstanding image quality, but are also capable of performing a fully automated metrological consistency test, thanks to integrated sensors. The EIZO RadiCS quality assurance software, which is easy to understand and easy to use, handles the quality control, verification, and adaptation of the medically required image quality. The radiologist is thus able to conduct the entire, legally compliant consistency test themselves, including the verification of the room class, the luminance, the DICOM luminance characteristic curve, and the visual validation. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming validation by external parties. 

RadiForce MX315W

EIZO particularly recommends the MX315W (4K, 8-megapixel, colour) and RX250 (2-megapixel, colour) models for use in teleradiology. Both EIZO RadiForce models offer excellent value for money, absolute legal certainty and, thanks to their outstanding technical properties, the ideal conditions for the accurate display of radiological images, thereby ensuring a reliable diagnosis.

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